E-Mana was created to build a community wherein, alongside the rise of digital assets it can also help spread the word of God and extend a hand to those in need in a way of giving back to the community.

With the technology we have and the pure intention of helping and reaching out to those people who is less fortunate, we can create a ripple that can resound through everyone’s hearts and soul.

Our focus is to the areas that needed help the most, victims of calamities or disaster , providing and creating charity donations, building churches and institutions, and being able to bring people to the Holy Land.

Our platform is based on Smart Contract system providing safety and security to the funds you have given. This system will make sure that the funds coming in and out of our platform will not be tampered with and making sure that the help you have given will reach to those in need.

“We are committed on helping people all over the world, extending our hands to those in need and spreading the word of the Lord. We are a digitally innovative platform with a purpose.”

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